SP100(1X)BLACK Sawyer Mini Water Filter w/16 oz pouch FREE Shipping SP128

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SP100(1X)BLACK Sawyer Mini Water Filter w/16 oz pouch FREE Shipping SP128

SP100(1X)BLACK Sawyer Mini Water Filter w/16 oz pouch FREE Shipping SP128

Now available in color-coded editions! Each family member will know which is theirs! Black & gold [sp100]. Limited edition sawyer mini water filtration system. These are just like the sp128 but in black and gold.

Sp128 multi-pack price busters! Check out all of our deals in our. If our price is not the lowest ask us to match it. Items that we sell, just add your items to the cart to checkout! The sawyer mini water filter is the lightest. And most versatile filtration system on the market. Get one for every member of your family!

Total field weight of 2 oz and fits in the palm of your hand. Find your water source of choice, a lake, stream or river.

Drink directly from the filter’s drink tube. Attach to sawyer squeeze pouches and to fill your water bottle or container of choice. Attach to bottled water, fits most threaded bottles including 2 liter bottles. The mini uses the same 0.1 micron hollow fiber technology used in other sawyer filters. One 16 oz pouch (additional sizes available in our store).

The mini filter is perfect for traveling abroad where tap and bottle water cannot be trusted. In order to improve both the filtration rates and longevity of the filter, they needed something even more precise and rugged. The fiber composition had to deliver exactly 0.1 & 0.02 micron filtration 100% of the time to ensure no bacteria would get through, and the membranes had to be sturdy enough to withstand backwashing which allows the filter to be cleaning and reused. Sawyer’s hollow fiber membrane filters. Are small, portable, easy-to-use, reliable, inexpensive, and can last a decade without needing to be replaced. The proprietary water filters are comprised of tiny “u” shaped micro-tubes that allow water to enter into their core through tiny micro-pores.

The high number of those tiny tubes and their surface area allows the filter to have one of the fastest flow rates in the world. This high flow rate eliminates the need to store water, reducing the possibility of water contamination after the filtration process. Each filter is certified for absolute microns; that means there is no pore size larger than 0.1 or 0.02 micron in size. For harmful bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like e. Coli, giradia, vibrio cholerae and salmonella typhi (which cause cholera and typhoid) to pass through the sawyer pointonet biological filter.

At 7 log (99.99999%) the filter attains the highest level of filtration available today. If viruses are an issue, we offer the point zerotwo purifier (0.02 micron absolute pores), the first and thus far only portable purification device to physically remove viruses, which it does at a >5.5 log (99.9997%) rate, exceeding epa and nsf recommendations. All sawyer filters have been tested by independent and qualified research laboratories according to u. Epa standards for water filters, and meet or exceed epa standards. Sawyer’s revolutionary technology has also been tested and verified by the united nations, and is currently being used in more than 70 countries around the world. Does not remove dissolved solids, including chemicals and heavy metals. Field and lab reports. Evaluating the ease of use and effectiveness of the sawyer pointonet filter in fiji. Map international field study. Evaluating the ease of use and effectiveness of the sawyer pointonet filter in 7 countries. Conducted on the sawyer pointonet filter.

Conducted on the sawyer point zerotwo purifier. Sawyer’s filters are so powerful, they could not actually be used for kidney dialysis anymore, as they would remove too much from human blood. They’ve been field tested for years by dozens of companies and hundreds of thousands of individuals in over 70 countries.

For sawyer, nothing less than 100% is good enough, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of those who trust the filter will save them from sickness. Check out the sawyer filters. For more information and product care. Thank you for checking out this item. If you like this item why not tell yours friends? The free listing tool.The item “SP100(1X)BLACK Sawyer Mini Water Filter w/16 oz pouch FREE Shipping SP128″ is in sale since Monday, October 27, 2014. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Camping & Hiking\Survival & Emergency Gear”. The seller is “ecoverve” and is located in Columbus, Ohio. This item can be shipped to United States and to United Kingdom and DK and RO and SK and BG and CZ and FI and HU and LV and LT and MT and EE and to Australia and GR and PT and CY and SI and to Japan and to China and SE and KR and ID and to Taiwan and ZA and TH and to Belgium and to France and to Hong Kong and to Ireland and to Netherlands and PL and to Spain and to Italy and to Germany and to Austria and RU and IL and to Mexico and to New Zealand and PH and SG and to Switzerland and NO and SA and UA and AE and QA and KW and BH and HR and MY and TR and BR and CL and CO and CR and DO and PA and TT and GT and SV and HN and JM.

  • Brand: Sawyer
  • Model: SP100
  • MPN: SP100
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • UPC: 0-50716-00100-6
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