Wood Burning Rocket Stove-Camping/Hunting Cooking Stove

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Wood Burning Rocket Stove-Camping/Hunting Cooking Stove

Wood burning rocket stove / cooking stove. This is the ultimate item in preparedness for cooking, but it can also be. Used by the camper and hunter lovers of the outdoors. But if serious hard times befall us, you may run out of propane, kerosene, or be unable to afford.

Or have natural gas to cook with. This rocket stove will allow you to keep on cooking food and boiling water if times get really rough. You can use any type of dry biomass to cook with such as leaves, twigs, bark, grass, cork husks or stocks, etc. Highlights of the rocket stoves. Yet made entirely of steel with handle for easy portability. Portable fun for the kids to cook hot dogs, or to cook serious meals. Extremely efficient, you can cook a meal with extremely small amount of wood. When finished and the rocket stove has cooled down, you can turn over and simply dump out the ashes and is ready to use next time. There always seems to be a lot of twigs and small branches at camp sites but no large firewood in sight (previous campers used it). There are very little ashes left when done. If you are cooking or multiple hours, you will need to dump the ashes out every couple of hours. The stove is designed for cooking purposes and not for heating the rocket stove is insulated inside to force the heat out the top where your pan is.

Three sturdy steel legs on the rocket stove for good balancing wherever you are. These rocket stoves can be used for camping, hunting, family outings, preparedness, any type of event outdoors where done! This type of stove is used in africa.

And other third world countries quite a bit being that people can efficiently. Use leaves and sagebrush to cook food in places where trees are scarce. Once they have the fire started and going, they will bring the rocket stove inside because of how clean burning they are, it may not be applicable or suitable for tent use or in cabins. It has a steel tongue which is the flat metal bar coming out of the bottom opening for setting longer pieces of wood into it and for a much better air draw underneath for the fire.

These stoves are great for the outdoor camper and hunter. At a picnic one time we used three quarters of a 4 gallon bucket of wood and cooked for 5 hours and ate hot dogs, corn on the cob, potatoes and roasted marsh mellows. Rocket stoves are handmade right here in the usa and are built to. These rocket stoves are built mostly from recycled steel.

Each stove will slightly vary in appearance, this is the nature and beauty of. Lighting a fire in these rocket stoves usually takes only one match, if you follow these instructions and/or just practice a bit. Put your rocket stove on your picnic table or something tall so you can see into the burn chamber, or put it on the ground and get yourself a small mirror and set it on the feed plate so you can see how your fire is doing without constantly bending over. Next, wad up two or three pieces of paper down to approximately a one inch diameter and drop them down the top of your stove so that they can drop right to the bottom of the rocket stove. Next put two pieces ¼ inch by 7 inch kindling in the feed hole and drop a couple of additional one inch size wads of paper down the top.

You can also drop two or three 4 inch long and ¼ inch diameter kindling pieces of wood down the top. Next roll up a piece of newspaper or start a twig on fire, and put it into the rocket stove under the plate into the bottom chamber, this chamber is used as the air intake after the fire gets going. Experiment with lighting your rocket stove and keeping it going. I have found that after the chamber gets quite hot you can increase the size of your wood (if you have access to larger pieces) so you won’t have to tend it as much. I have an abundance of old construction wood like two by fours and such that i have gathered up from job sites over the years which after being split up with a small hatchet work perfectly to feed these rocket stoves after the fire initially gets going.

My wife and i bought your rocket stove a couple months ago for a preparedness. We have used it several times now and love it! We have cooked stews, coffee, boiled water etc. Are amazed at the efficiency and ease of use. I just wanted to write and. You can cook about anything on these little stoves with what one can pick. Up off the ground that is combustible. We consider this stove one of our. Top 3 preparedness items, and we have a lot of different things for emergencies. Again, thank you for such a great preparedness item!! Does this get as hot as a stove burner? In other words, can i do anything on this rocket stove that i can do on my electric stove (like canning, etc). What gauge steel is this is it durable enough to be in the back of a truck for camping mar-16-09. Different parts are made with different gauges of steel. These rocket stoves are definitely durable enough to go camping with you in the back of your truck. I would recommend you use a bungee cord to hold it in place not so much for the rocket stove’s sake, but for your truck bed.

Hi, a couple questions for you. Roughly how long does it take to boil a standard size pot of water? Think double batch of top ramen size.

Is it practical for grilling? What style of insulation is used for the chimney portion? Is it similar to the ceramic / clay do-it-yourself styles out there?

Last, i’m interested in the larger model that could also be used indoors. Once the fire is going it will boil water at least as fast as a gas range. It works great for grilling, just throw your pan on the top and get started. The insulation is a type of rock that acts as an insulator. I notice on the youtube videos of the stove that there are little spacers at the top of the stove for airspace and room for the flames to come up and round the bottom of the cooking pot.

Also, can one place a rack over the opening and grill over it? What about placing some kind of makeshift oven over the opening also?

I always like to get as many uses as i can out of one device. Thank you for answering all of my questions. Excellent questions, the rocket stove is designed so that you can cook directly on top of it with a pan or pot.

I don’t see any problems with putting a grill over the opening of the rocket stove and cooking on that, although you would probably get a bit of grease build up on top of the stove that you may want to wipe off before the rocket stove totally cools down. As far as a placing a small cooking oven on top, that’s fine too, although i’ve never tried that before. What is the diameter of the stove?

I would like to know if it can accommodate my large stock pot. I love that you have it on a stand. What is the height of the cook top area?
This looks like it would be so much easier than the one i currently cook with! I look forward to hearing from you! Very good questions, the rocket stove is approximately 17 inches tall and the cook top area is approximately 9 inches in diameter. I say approximately because it can vary slightly from one rocket stove to another. Hello, my husband and i are impressed with your rocket stove. We just made a couple of ‘best offers’ and they were refused. We can not afford more now.
We see the listing expires in 8 days. Are you going to be offering these again soon?
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