MAGLITE LED UPGRADE CREE CNC BULB 3 4 & 6 D/C cell Torch Flashlight 3d 4d 6D

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MAGLITE LED UPGRADE CREE CNC BULB 3 4 & 6 D/C cell Torch Flashlight 3d 4d 6D

MAGLITE LED UPGRADE CREE CNC BULB 3 4 & 6 D/C cell Torch Flashlight 3d 4d 6D

Exclusive 220 lumen cree xp-g2 brighter than the rest! We are proud to introduce our new improved exclusive design model. Our cnc manufactured are better quality than the non cnc competing leds. Single led available for your maglite®, designed and manufactured by us, not available elsewhere. Led upgrade for maglite® 3, 4 or 6 d or c cell incandescent both krypton and uniquely xenon (see bulb info below) flashlights. This is our top of the range cnc led bulb with a superior & larger higher quality “potted” machined base. More metal mass = better heatsinking/convection = better performance. Statement from the cree inc. The xlamp xp-g2 led builds on the. Unprecedented performance of the. Original xp-g by increasing lumen. Output up to 20% while providing. A single die led point source for. So to summarise this led is different and better than the rest for 3 important reasons. 1 brighter at 220 lumens! Its longer range broader beam gives you more light & illuminates a greater area. 2 larger higher quality cnc machined casing for better convection/performance. Drop in cnc led upgrade that fits both the original & new style xenon bulb maglites without modification or dithering about changing parts. Easily interchangeable between old and new types. Don’t forget soon only xenon bi-pin bulb replacements will be available for all d & c incandescent maglites old & new (see bulb info below). Fits maglite flashlights / torches only. These are wider than normal incandescent bulbs used in other flashlight/torch brands. Important maglite bulb info. The maglite factory has discontinued the production of all original white star and magnum star krypton bulb types for their d & c cell range of flashlight/torches. Maglite now only manufacture a new design magnum star ii xenon bi-pin bulb kit fitted in a round plastic bulb base together with a new smaller diameter silver bulb retaining collar. Not suitable for the maglite® rechargeable mag charger flashlight, that uses 6v bi-pin bulbs. For the maglite® 3, 4 or 6 d or c battery cell range only. Supplied in a hard plastic re-useable storage box. Brilliant 220 lumens output, the brightest single led available – much brighter than the incandescent bulb it replaces. Dramatically extends battery life: approximately 15 hours runtime on 3 d cells – guilt free use – save $! Far superior intense white light even when batteries are low. Unlike most led upgrades the this led does not fade significantly when hot; consequently it maintains a high output for much longer – well over 50% up to 12 hours. The incandescent bulb drops to below 50% output in about one hour. Smart electronics inside each unit regulate the power from the batteries to maintain a constant non-dimming light. The light intensity will only fall near the end of the batteries lifetime. The light will not suddenly go out like some competing products. Retains focusing ability – you can change the beam pattern from a wide circle to a very long distance tight beam with a twist of the head – scan a wide area or focus on a target. The incandescent lamp lasts just 15/20 hours, save more $$! Improves candle mode: brighter light again, excellent as an area light for camping, power cuts etc. Less hassle: avoid frequent battery and lamp changes. More reliable & dependable: shock resistant unlike easily broken incandescent lamp. Easy drop-in fitment, simply replace the existing bulb, no tools required. Designed for use in maglite 3, 4 or 6 d/c cell torches only, one size fits these maglites. This will not fit the very latest led maglites with leds already fitted (magled) that have the letters “dl” at the start of the serial no. On the barrel as that led is fixed in place. As is the circumferential inscription around the face caps of all of mag instrument flashlights. Mag instrument flashlights are shown here for illustration only. Rapid2you ltd is not affiliated with mag instrument, inc. And its products are not made, endorsed or sponsored by mag instrument, inc. Is a market-leading innovator of lighting products, led components, and semiconductor products. Got a 3, 4 or 6 cell maglite? Get one of these. The professional’s choice: police, security, or camping, hiking, fishing etc – anyone who needs a high powered torch. You will find you use your light more. Converts a well engineered design icon into a far more economical, reliable and lifetime friend. Eliminates the weakest link: the battery hungry and inefficient incandescent lamp. Upgrade your maglite to the 21st century! Maintains a high output for much longer than incandescent lamps. Quickly pays for itself. Led (on left) v original incandescent bulb. Packing will be careful and thorough. Posted in bubble wrap envelope. 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  • Brand: Maglite
  • Lightbulb Type: LED
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year
  • maglite led: maglite 3d
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