Extreme Emergency Survival Fire Starter Kit

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Extreme Emergency Survival Fire Starter Kit

Extreme Emergency Fire Starter Kit. “Start a campfire with only 1 drop of water”. Notice: If you have any problems using this product, please contact me before leaving feedback as soon as you can and I will either help you use it properly or send you another kit… KEEP THIS PRODUCT DRY. Start a fire anywhere without using any flint, magnesium rods, magnifying glass or rubbing two sticks together for an hour… It only takes a small amount from each of these two vials mixed with a drop of water to start an instant fire. 1-5ml glass vial of oxidizer (white powder). 1-5ml glass vial of catalyst (gray powder). DIRECTIONS: Get 1 scoop from each vial, (wipe scoop between each vial), mix together on a dry surface and just add a drop of. DO NOT breathe the smoke and be sure you have your hands away from the initial ignition…. It will bubble for a. Second, then burst into a small green flame and emit a plume of smoke. Each vial contains enough material for approx. Fires, even more if used sparingly. DO NOT get the chemicals wet as both compounds react to moisture and be sure the caps are. On tight after each use. I found the best way to use this is. 1 place a scoop full of each vial on a piece of paper if you have any, (DRY leaf, a square of toilet tissue, etc). 2 mix together with the flat end of the scoop then place it on the ground with your tinder where you want your fire. 3 add a drop of water or any other water based liquid then stand back and. DO NOT breathe the smoke. Preferably hollow out the. Center of your tinder and then place the mixture inside then add a drop of water. DO NOT get any of either vial contents in the other, wipe the scoop with a dry cloth after getting chemicals EACH TIME. Mix on any wet surfaces and if it is damp outside be prepared for the mix to ignite on its own, so have all your tinder ready. Even a tiny amount of water will ignite the mixture. You must use this composition immediately after it is made. WARNING DO NOT STORE ANY COMPOUND after mixing, DO NOT mix it with other chemicals. YOU MUST ONLY MIX THESE CHEMICALS OUTDOORS. YOU CANNOT STORE THIS ONCE BOTH PARTS ARE MIXED, as it will eventually absorb enough water from the air to ignite on its own. Make sure caps are on tight after each use. Use ALL that you make each time. DO NOT use when it is raining, unless you have a. Way to keep the material dry up to the point of placing it on the ground with the tinder. It is advisable to wear gloves. Note that as soon as all the components are mixed, it will become extremely water sensitive and may. Spontaneously ignite without warning!!! This Extreme survival fire kit is intended to be used in an emergency situation only and not as an everyday fire starter kit even though. Be careful as the vials are made of glass. This mixture can be ignited with a match or lighter also, with a little stronger ignition than water, so be careful around open flames or heat sources! Kit in any situation. It is your responsibility to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS THOROUGHLY and to use this product in a careful and. The item “Extreme Emergency Survival Fire Starter Kit” is in sale since Tuesday, June 02, 2015. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Camping & Hiking\Survival & Emergency Gear”. The seller is “tcko33″ and is located in Bradenton, Florida. This item can be shipped to United States.

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